Windfall Custom Modular Homes is located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. We have been building custom modular homes for over 10 years now and have built over 50 homes to date. We build high-end homes with complete customization and upgrades available.

Your home is important to us, therefore during the building of your home, we are available 24/7 to answer your questions and to make sure that we get you into your house as quickly as possible.

Our custom showroom is available for your to pick out your materials and products. We are here every step of the way to help you choose what is best for your home for many years to come.

Windfall Homes has rounded out its home lines with a new addition of affordable custom homes from Custom Building Systems. We now offer two main manufacturers to better serve most price ranges and budgets.

CBS is bringing a new level of custom homes to the Windfall Family. CBS’s large manufacturing facilities factory efficiencies will offer a quality custom home at new lower price point for Windfall Homes. They bring us a fresh new portfolio of floorplans and offer custom and standard homes with an impressive option base. Because of their extensive resources and capabilities, they are able to offer us a fully customizable home at a more competitive price point at a similar level of quality you expect.

SMI has been the backbone of the Windfall total custom process from day one with unlimited options and endless custom designs from scratch. SMI is the go-to for high-end total customization. SMI builds their homes to a higher level than most other manufacturers, also building one of the strongest houses in the industry. When you want unlimited options, endless design, and with the option of supplying your own materials for the home, SMI is the top choice.

Remember no matter who you choose, you have the WINDFALL ADVANTAGE. Turn-key operations from start to finish, 24/7 oversite, and 7 day a week contact with the owner Adam Dippold is sure to make everything addressed to your liking in a fast, stress-free manner!

We’re here for you. Bringing you the very best in custom homes, STICK BUILT INSIDE A BETTER WAY!!!